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Summer Camp Schedule 2014

Full Day Camp: 9am-3pm ~ 5 Day Camp $500 Single Days $110.
Half Day Camp Option: 9am-12pm OR 12-3pm ~ 5 Half Day Camp $250 ~ Single Half Day $55
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7426 Girard Ave, La Jolla CA 92037

(858) 454-4499


Dates Camp InfoAge Group
6/16/2014 - 6/20/2014

School's Out For Summer!!!

Beat June Gloom - all beach week! Discover underwater animals, paint tropical sunsets, see how water distorts images, and use sand and shells to create beautiful mixed media projects. Lessons in acrylic and water color painting, pastels, charcoal and clay. Kick off Summer with this vibrant camp.
Ages 5-12
6/23/2014 - 6/27/2014

Superhero Showdown

Let your little superhero or heroine spend the week with their fellow crime fighters, explorers and supernatural friends in this fun-filled week of painting, drawing, clay crafts, costume making, music, yoga and games! Ka Pow!
Ages 4-9
6/30/2014 - 7/3/2014

The Magical and Mystical Animal Kingdom!

See the world through the eyes of a Phoenix, make a nest from nothing but feathers and twigs and fairy dust, and paint a sky with every color of the rainbow. This exciting kids camp will take your child through a variety of different projects and lessons in painting, drawing, sculpture and yoga, showing them the Magic in the world around them. Learn how to paint and draw dragons, unicorns and tigers while learning about different habitats and species of fauna!
Ages 5-12
7/7/2014 - 7/11/2014

Not from this Planet - Creativity knows no limits

Night Sky, Extra-terrestrial & planetary Mayhem is just the beginning of this exciting creative adventure to be traveled. Imagine that there was no limit to the wonders that could be created. Now picture your child in an environment where their imaginations could soar and where they were given the tools to build, draw, design and conceptualize how much more exciting the world around us could be with their ideas? This camp will give students the confidence and ability to design, render and create things they never thought possible, introduce them to new materials and show them that creative intellect can seem 'Alien' when you are the only one doing it, but it 'comes in peace'. Lessons in painting, drawing, design, sculpture, free building, creative exploration and so much more!
Ages 5-12
7/14/2014 - 7/18/2013

My Art Runway! - Textiles, Prints & Wearable Art!

Mixed Media with a focus in machine sewing, jewelry making and design, wearable art, screen printing, textile design and alternative material use in art. Students will receive lessons in drawing, painting, print-making, and fine art/crafting & will be able to design their own line of accessories or clothing
Ages 7-16
7/21/2014 - 7/25/2014

Found and Recycled Arts

Reduce, Rebuild, Re-Use. Fine art and sculpture! Camp will look at how 'junk' can make some of the greatest art. For the more 'hands on' artist, the possibilities are endless when it comes to re-purposed art creations, especially with all the waste in the world. Lessons will open avenues for creativity using found and recycled objects and will excite campers to tread lighter on the Earth, whilst making amazing art work out of the excess. Lessons in composition, aesthetics, drawing, painting and sculpture using a variety of different mediums and materials!
Ages 4-10
7/28/2014 - 8/1/2014

Bricks and Mortar - Building (and budding) Artists Wanted!

This 'get your hands dirty' week is not your typical summer camp, designed with the 'not your typical' artist in mind. We will build using clay, recycled and alternative materials, plaster and wood, and re-define 'hands on' and learn how to design, build and finish usable pieces of art. Lessons in woodworking and burning, decoupage, re-purposing old furniture, dwelling design, tree house structure and design. *Old or unused chairs, coffee tables, lamps and lamp shades, frames, tiles, serving trays, pots and other unused house trinkets welcome (but not required) for artistic re-purposing!
Ages 5-12
8/4/2014 - 8/8/2014

Around the World in One Week!

Travel around the World learning about cultures and how they express their creativity. From Australia to Egypt, Peru to China! Discover animals, music and old time stories that have shaped the arts and crafts of different corners of our world. Drawing, painting and sculpture as well as fun crafts and games will open campers' eyes to the world beyond ours!
ages 5-12
8/11/2014 - 8/15/2014

A Photograph Paints a Thousand Works (of art) - Photography Camp!!

Give your child the ultimate experience of working with digital and traditional methods of creating art. Students will learn about composition, trick photography, lighting and how to incorporate photography into their artwork through a variety of fine art mediums. Lessons in acrylic, gouache and watercolor painting, charcoal drawing and mixed media. *Camera suggested but not required
Ages 7-16
8/18/2014 - 8/22/2014

Frozen! - Creatures of the Cold

Calling all Olav, Sven, Anna, Kristoff and Elsa fans! Embark on an adventure of Glacial proportions as we explore different arctic animals, winter wonderlands, snow flakes and a little magic! This icy cold treat of a camp will cool you off in the heat of Summer! Learn to paint, draw, sculpt and craft all of your favorite cold weather friends. Take an artistic journey to Alaska, dive into the icy cool waters of Antarctica and learn about penguins, sea lions, snow leopards and other fascinating Snowy Creatures!
Ages 4-8
8/25/2014 - 8/29/2014

Creative Explosion of the Messiest Proportions

The last hurrah before school is back in session. Get your creative taste buds alight and ready to start learning with purpose and vigor! Lessons in all art mediums and methods showing how important 'thinking outside the box' can aid in every aspect of education and personal development. Learn to dance to your own beat, build confidence in your abilities and be proud of who you are. This camp is the perfect transition for anyone who's school year, extra-curricular activities and life interfere with their time to create. Students learn techniques for overcoming the stresses of school through art and get smart to the the importance of creative release in this not to be missed Artistic, Revolutionary Camp!!!
Ages 4-15
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7426 Girard Ave, La Jolla CA 92037

(858) 454-4499