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Toddler Art Exploration

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Toddler Art Lesson using Clay at My Art Shed in San Diego

Ages 2-5

At My Art Shed, we know that it's important to encourage creativity and a sense of exploration in kids of all ages, which is why our toddler classes are designed with uninhibited youngsters in mind. Our toddler classes focus on learning colors, basic color mixing, shape recognition, creating patterns, and developing fine motor skills. We also work on providing a comfortable, fun environment for tiny artists to develop confidence and a positive attitude toward their art.

Classes are held in the mornings and afternoons and have a flexible schedule (students do not have to enroll in consecutive lessons). 24 hour notice is required for all students planning on attending due to space limitations.

Children & Teen Art and Craft Classes

Young Students in an art class in San Diego If you're looking for an extracurricular activity that is immersive and relaxing, look no further! We offer affordable after-school and weekend art classes for kids and teens all year long. Our younger students take class in a space that is versatile and fun, which means that kids and teens learn through instruction, but also through self-expression and positive encouragement. Young artists can explore the range of their abilities through a variety of different mediums ranging from technical drawing and fine art painting classes, to mixed media and craft building. Some of our classes also incorporate basic yoga, stretching, and music into the curriculum order to energize our students and help them focus (or sometimes re-focus) for a truly productive and enjoyable art class experience. Classes are taught by practicing artists and experienced educators who are here to help kids have fun while learning about fine art.

Please click here for current class schedules and detailed course descriptions

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