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Children's Art and Craft Classes

Please click here to refer to class schedules for current classes and detailed class descriptions

Louie 13th Painting done at My Art Shed Class in San Diego

We offer affordable year-round, after school and weekend art classes. We like to take a holistic approach to art allowing the children to learn through self expression and by creating a space to enable confidence in themselves and their creativity.

Children discover their abilities through the use of a variety of different mediums ranging from technical drawing and painting classes to less technical mixed media and craft classes. We also incorporate basic yoga, stretching and music into each class to energize and help focus while encouraging the students to express themselves freely in a safe and loving environment.

Classes are taught by practicing artists and experienced educators and we always maintain 7:1 or less student to teacher ratio. Classes last 1 1/2 hours, once a week, and are 3-5 weeks long depending on the project and include all materials in the tuition. Classes are offered to children ages 5-15; Teens 15+ may attend older children's classes and/or adult's classes upon request.


Young girls in an art class in San Diego Working with all types of painting mediums; watercolor, acrylic, oil, gouache and mixed media. Classes deal with aspects of design, color, application techniques and free expression. Paint making and make your own canvas classes also available for older children.


Classes teach line drawing, figure drawing, perspective, shading techniques using pen and ink, charcoal, pastels, conte, graphite and colored pencil.


Hand building using self hardening clay and decorating with paint and glazes; Children will use a number of techniques to create pieces from nature, functional pottery, decorative holiday works and many more.

Model Building

For the more 'technical' minded child. Use of balsa wood and other model materials to create buildings, cars, airplanes and many other fun filled projects.


Activities for children to get creative with. Projects include Paper Mache animals, decoupage treasure boxes, paper making, recycled materials creations, jewelry making, and many more.

Drop in days for busy parents are also available for kids to have fun exploring non technical work stations

Please click here to refer to class schedules for current classes and detailed class descriptions