Corporate Team Building & Events

Corporate Team Building Events at My Art Shed: Corporate teams come together in a unique and fully customizable, creativity-enhancing experience.

Group Painting Event at Ellen Browning Scripps Park in La Jolla

Companies can sometimes find that their employees are uninspired and lethargic, often due to a lack of community, creative outlets, or a lack of investment in connections between employees.

At My Art Shed, we facilitate empowering and dynamic group programs that allow workers to get out of their everyday routine and become fully engaged in an all-encompassing creative experience.

We currently offer two distinct models for teambuilding, though all our events are designed based to reflect and accommodate the unique culture and needs of your company. Below are the basic overviews of our fully customizable programs.

Creative Correlation: Groups working together artistically to build a more cohesive and innovative community mindset.

The process: All team members work together on an undisclosed ‘final’ piece. They are individually responsible for their own piece of an image/painting, on a small canvas or surface that will be combined with those of their teammates, to become one larger, finished piece of art. When all attendees are finished with their section, they will come together to decide on placement of pieces and/or finish off the piece as a group.

How it works: The purpose of this project is to reinforce the idea that individually, everyone’s efforts greatly affect the entire outcome of any given project.

Inspired Illumination: Creative exploration through group enlightenment.

The process: Our Inspired Illumination program takes team members through a short guided meditation to get them back in touch with their uninhibited, 5-year-old self. This opens up their consciousness and works at removing self judgment and doubt. Attendees then create a mixed media canvas piece during which they are able to create from their imagination, using a variety of different fine art materials and mediums. Individual guidance throughout the project encourages participants and teaches them technique and composition, whilst allowing them to engage in their fullest creative expression!

How it works: This is a fantastic group project for teams that are looking to help members unlock more of their originality in innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, or for a company looking to create a culture that encourages imagination and individuality.

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