Children’s Fine Art & Craft Classes

My Art Shed currently offers in-home private and group lessons for all ages. Please email or call (858)255-4544 for availability.

Children & Teen Art and Craft Classes

We offer private and group afternoon, evening and weekend on-site art classes for children and teens. Students choose their own subject, materials and work at their own pace. Kids and teens are instructed in a way the encourages self-expression and gives them the tools to be an independent, confident and competent artist.

Young artists can explore their endless abilities through a variety of different mediums ranging from technical drawing and fine art painting classes, to mixed media and craft building.

Classes are taught by practicing artists and experienced educators who facilitate a fun, safe and relaxing learning environment.

Private Painting Lesson

Private Lesson Information

  • Teachers come to your house for 1-2 hours weekly or every other week and provide all the equipment required for the lesson
  • Projects typically take anywhere from 2-4 sessions (hours) to complete, depending on student’s age, speed and skill level
  • All materials are provided
Pricing: $75/hour* for 1-2 students, $25 per additional student.

*2 hour minimum for groups of students over 6.


My Art Shed’s most popular class for children. Our classes provide instruction in watercolor, acrylic, oil, gouache or mixed media, and focus on aspects of design, color, application techniques and free expression. Instruction is designed to teach students to recognize and identify the steps involved in painting, as well as encouraging students to develop personal styles of painting and expression.

Students in half day “Creative Education” class with their finished paintings


Drawing classes focus on line drawing, figure drawing, perspective, shading techniques with pen and ink, charcoal, pastels, conte, graphite and colored pencil. Instruction focuses on developing an organic drawing style unique to each student.

Model Building

For the more technical-minded child who is all about tangible art. Model building projects use balsa wood, cardboard, all kinds of found, recycled, and up-cycled materials to create model cities, fairy villages, spaceships, inventions and plenty of other fun objects right out of students’ imaginations.


Constructive, hands-on activities for students who prefer more physical forms of art. Projects include paper-mache animals, decoupage treasure boxes, paper making, recycled materials creations, jewelry making, and much more.



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