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After-School Enrichment

Let your child’s inner artist shine through learning how to paint and create beautiful works of art. Art Shed Kids’ instructors will guide

Acrylic Painting on Canvas – Learning about one-point perspective

your little artist through the process of design and creation while learning about form, color mixing, value, and a variety of art theories, histories and painting techniques. Lessons will give your child the tools to paint incredible depictions of the world around them, while increasing their fine motor skills and instilling confidence, independence and a joy for discovery and exploration! Students will leave each session with a new eye for the beauty that surrounds them, and with a series of unique paintings for their room or for gifts for their loved ones!

Self Portraits in Tempera Paint

About the lessons:

Each session will introduce students to a variety of fine art and painting materials and techniques, allowing them to explore and discover new ways to create. Lessons will include watercolor, gouache, tempera and acrylic paints using all artist grade materials, paints and canvases. Students can expect to take home a finished painting every few weeks, as well as a daily exercise painting focusing on a different theme and artist/art period every week.    

Georgia O’Keeffe Watercolor Paintings

About the instructors:

Art Shed Kids’ lessons are taught by practicing artists and highly trained, fine art educators.

Still Life Fruit in Tempera

Our instructors possess a nurturing, enthusiastic and easygoing attitude that is paramount in giving students an enlightening experience in art. While students will create finished pieces of art, the primary goal for our instruction is to give them the tools and encouragement to enjoy and trust the process of creating, so to allow them to discover their own voice and expression.

 School Links:

Bird Rock Elementary ASE

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary AFP

Chula Vista Schools

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