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Porschia Talbot at My Art Shed

My Art Shed is a Mobile Art Studio that provides Classes, Seasonal Camps and Workshops; we Host Corporate Team-building Events & Private Parties for all occasions. We are also available for weekly individual and group fine art and craft lessons from ages 2.5 through adults.

My Art Shed’s mission is provide to an easy-going, nurturing environment in which students of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to create, learn and have fun. We believe that creative expression is a necessary life ingredient in enhancing skill sets, happiness and confidence.

With the lack of creativity in our current education system and corporate culture, encouraged creative expression becomes tantamount for the creation of a free-thinking and innovative society. We strive to create an environment where people can learn ways to open their minds to endless possibilities and solutions to the world’s real challenges. From young children who need the confidence to express themselves and the inspiration to follow their dreams, to retirees who always wanted to express themselves but didn’t have the time or never quite knew how, My Art Shed provides a creative center of inspiration, hope, and a gateway to the creative dreams of all who step into it.

Since it’s establishment in 2009, My Art Shed has provided lessons to thousands of students, young and old, worked with many schools throughout San Diego and provided free activities and art centers to countless community events and festivals.

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Meet Our TeachersDenise, Andie, Emily & Porschia


Porschia TalbotPorschia Talbot

I started my creative journey at a very young age. As a child I loved building things, making art out of anything and everything I could get my hands on. I’m fascinated by how things work, how people work, and the universe and all its mysteries. When I was old enough to babysit, I spent as much time as I could with as many kids that I could. I believe children have an unbiased view of the world; their imaginations and belief in all things magical inspire me to this day. My Art Shed was my answer to frustrating lack of creative opportunities I saw available to the kids I was nannying at the time. It was a way for me to combine my two greatest passions, children and art. It quickly became a place to share my desire to help enrich the lives of all people, both young and old, through artistic self-expression. I couldn’t be more proud of the team of dedicated teachers and artists that help keep my dream of making this world a better place through creative exploration, one student at a time.

Denise Fernandez    Denise Fernandez

Hello! My name is Denise. I came to teaching at My Art Shed two years ago through a veritable comedy of errors, but I can honestly say that, between the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and the ways in which I’ve found myself challenged, teaching has been a unique and rewarding experience so far. My biggest and most enduring passion is storytelling, but my passion for visual arts comes in a very close second; it’s an excitement and appreciation I strive to pass onto my students. I’m a huge fan of traditional and digital art, animation, and compelling stories, and I hope to put these life-long interests to good use in the near future while pursuing a Master’s degree. For now, you can find me tooling around the studio or running around San Diego in search of another little bit of adventure.

Aneri RodriguezAneri Rodriguez

Heeeelllo! My name is Aneri Rodriguez and I am currently a senior at UCSD. I first came to work at My Art Shed this past summer for their fun art camps and since then, this whole experience has proved to be an amazing opportunity for me in my journey towards becoming an Elementary School teacher. I can honestly say that teaching is my biggest passion and it is this passion that pushes me to continue learning new and exciting ways to support my students’ learning and passion for art. Art has always been an important part of my life and more than I ever I see its value in the patience it teaches me and in the smiles and confidence it brings to students.

Katie Mathias

Katie MathiasHi, I’m Katherine. I grew up here in San Diego, traveled to Austin, Texas for four years to get a degree in this fun thing we do called art, and now I am back to share everything I have learned with your brilliant and creative children! I love drawing realistic portraits, making surreal art, and carving out woodcut relief prints. When I am not creating art, I am either thinking about creating, looking at work others have created, or sitting at home trying to accept the fact that no matter how many showers you take, glitter will never completely wash off you. I have always loved working with kids, so coming to teach art to a variety of young students has been a very exciting experience and there is no place I would rather do it than here at My Art Shed with the most dynamic team I have ever worked with. I will never get tired of this job and I hope to make as big an impact in my students’ creative lives as they are making in mine!